Oakley suing AM-PM to stop sale of knock-off sunglasses

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Oakley Inc., which makes sunglasses, apparel and accessories, has filed a lawsuit against convenient store chain AM-PM for selling sunglasses that too closely resemble the Oakley brand.At first glance, Oakley’s Radar Pace sunglasses look undeniably cool. It is very easy to dull white, but not as easy to make white even brighter,” says Wayne Chumbley, oakley sunglasses womens,  Oakley’s vision performance lab manager.

Foothills Ranch-based Oakley filed the lawsuit in federal court Tuesday against Treasure Franchise Co., which franchises AM-PM stores in California, Nevada and Arizona, reported the Orange County Register.
But it won’t be the same green the rest of us see. oakley sunglasses cheap,Filtered through specially tinted Oakley shades, Watson’s version will have heightened contrasts that accentuate some colors and downplay others.

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“Oakley and its iconic designs are well-known throughout the eye wear industry, and defendant’s eye wear model … is a nearly identical copy of Oakley’s design,” according to the complaint. oakley baseball sunglasses

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Treasure Franchise parent Tesoro Corp. hasn’t issued a response to the lawsuit.
Oakley has also filed a similar lawsuit against convenience store operator BP West Coast Products, based in La Palma, over the same patents.