New Oakley shades for warriors

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Oakley, a division of eye wear giant Luxottica, just released a new pair of smart sunglasses, designed in collaboration with Intel, that connect to a smartphone app for iOS and Android and act like a coach who’s constantly up in your oakleys sunglasses , The new “Radar Pace” glasses have earbuds attached to the sides, plus an integrated microphone, so you can listen to music, make and receive calls and texts via Bluetooth, and get information about your performance in real time to help you stay motivated.oakley knockoffs sale

We tested both the Aero and Zephyr frames with Zebra Light, Zebra and a red Spectron 3 CF Lenses. fake oakleys sale,Both models with the “standard” mirrored Spectron 3 CF lenses retail for $130, while the high-end anti-fog, photochromic, hydrophobic Zebra lenses add $50 to the price. For cyclocross, we feel the $50 upgrade for the Zebra lenses will be worth it.

Oakley Sport Sunglasses EVZERO PATH SKU: OO9308-01

The SI Ballistic Det Cord comes in a matte black frame with a scratch-resistant outer coating and gray lens. The shades are priced at $175.Ballet dancer turned defense specialist Allison Barrie has traveled around the world covering the military, terrorism, weapons advancements and life on the front line. cheap fake oakleys

We’ve been using the EVZero Range regularly, since the Lost & Found gravel race. With the Range’s larger lens, those with high cheek bones may find some contact with the lens. Overall the EVZero Range has become a favorite shade for variable light conditions and long days in the saddle.
The EVZero comes in the aforementioned two lens shield shapes and a bevy of colors, true to Oakley’s style. Stay tuned for a full review.